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Comparison Chart Private Tutors Kumon Local Tutoring Centres Pre Uni College Digital
Staff Profile
Experienced and certified tutors Varies
Trained faculty Varies
Learning Environment
Low student-to-tutor ratio
Adaptive Learning styles
Collaborative and motivational system Self-Learning Varies
Program Overview
Quality and updated resources aligned with the ongoing course format and structural changes Varies
Education based on Australian curriculum Varies
Trial tests Varies
Interactive sessions between teachers and students using technologies Varies
Regularly-scheduled progress parents and teacher meetings
24×7 web support Varies
Free homework Help Varies
Free weekly revision class

Your child is not average. So, why settle for average tutoring?

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Our Courses and Learning Styles

Choose a Course and Learn with Flexibility.

As industry experts, we know that every student is unique and has their own learning style. Therefore, we continue to integrate and introduce cutting-edge technologies with innovative learning styles to Ensure Easy Access to Courses and Accelerated Learning.

Give your child the confidence they need to become high achievers right from the start. Our Pre K to 6 Tuition provides the ideal learning environment.

We nurture their ability to learn and solve problems, foster creative thinking, and build key concepts in English and Maths. We prepare them for the future.

We prepare your child to succeed in the new OC Test with high marks. Your child learns, develops and understands strong conceptual concepts in English, Math, and Thinking Skills. We train them to become problem-solvers, allowing them to interpret and think critically to answer successfully.

 Our program is focused on teaching and training students based on the new changes in the Selective School Test. We make sure our students are well-prepared to score high marks in the new format with confidence.

From Mathematical Reasoning to Thinking Skills, English, and Writing, we ensure your child has the learning and understanding they need to attempt questions accurately.

Our preparation program targets all areas assessed in NAPLAN. Your child hence gains strong conceptual understanding.

Plus, we also teach them time management and problem-solving skills to help them perform EXCEPTIONALLY.

Tutoring mapped to Australian Curriculum, our program is designed to ensure your child has the strong command of English and Mathematics needed at high school level. But that’s not all! We help them stay ahead of peers with deeper conceptual understanding while empowering them with skills like time management, goal-setting, task analysis, and planning to maximise results and boost self-esteem.
Prepare for the test with our experienced tutor exclusively. Get personal attention and exclusive support. One-on-One is designed for students who desire full attention. Our tutors are ready to cater to the needs and learning styles of students who demand extra!
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We get numbers. Our students continue to achieve high marks year after year.

Committed Team

Our experts are committed to your child’s success. Hence, we tutor them with sheer dedication to build their confidence and ensure they get results.

Learning That Promotes Growth

Your child has access to a customised learning plan that suits their skills, pace and needs. We make sure they learn, grow and succeed academically and beyond.

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We have a proven track record. Our students continue to achieve High SCORES in OC Test, Selective School Test and NAPLAN.

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