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Opportunity Class Program.

Help them realise their true potential by giving them a chance to learn, excel and grow in an environment that nurtures their talent.

But Wait! Do you
know about the

After 30 Years, OC Testing Framework Has Finally Changed.

How to study and prepare for the new format may sound intimidating but WE HAVE YOU COVERED!
Take advantage of our opportunity class placement test preparation courses to ensure that your child is well-prepared to take the online OC test with sheer confidence and zero anxiety, and above all, scores exceptionally well

Let Your Child Shine Through!

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OC Test—What’s the BIG CHANGE?

The Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Test will be conducted online.This means that children will be tested online. But that’s not all.

The modern online assessment format focuses on testing students for a wide range of skills and question types, thereby setting more intricate difficulty levels.

The new format aims to move beyond MCQs by incorporating videos, animations, and graphics in
the questions.

Not only is preparing for the test stressful for children but navigating their way through the new format can get the best of them. So, if you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen with your child, then give them the academic advantage that they need to perform their best on the new online testing system NOW and in the FUTURE.

Tutoring Aligned with the New OC Test Format for a High Success Rate

At Pre Uni College Digital, we pride ourselves on our expertise, with decades of experience preparing students for OC Test exams and beyond. We recognise the need to adapt the latest changes to ensure that students pass the OC Test successfully. Therefore, our academic team has adjusted the teaching strategy as necessary to provide the students to help students get familiar with the test format and developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills relevant for a high success rate in the opportunity class placement test.

Result-Focused Tutoring for OC Test Delivered with Convenience and in a Supportive Environment

We provide quality tutoring, testing and supportto help students score exceptionally well in the opportunity class placement test, increasing their success rate and getting selected.

To ensure students can prepare and practice for the test conveniently and successfully pass it with the best marks we:

  • Focus on learning
  • Developing a strong understanding
  • Nurturing and strengthening their problem-solving skill-set
  • Challenging and testing them so that they are familiar and prepared to take on whatever comes their way with confidence
  • Promoting fun learning in a stress-free environment and in small groups

At Pre Uni College Digital, we strive to provide your child the prep, support and learning that they need to make it through the first major test of their life with an a score that you can be proud of.

OC Test Mock Test

Take advantage of our OC mock test subscription now to ensure your child is well-prepared for any kind of challenge that comes their way. Upon subscription, your child can access mock test papers that provide a clear demonstration of the actual examination, helping them get accustomed to all aspects of OC Test’s new format.

  • Ability to track progress with instant answer evaluations
  • Help you familiarise with the real exam environment
  • Boost confidence and overcome stress and anxiety, which are natural when you have no idea what the test will be like.
  • Improve time management and speed
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses


Of your child’s OC strengths and weaknesses (valued at $150)
Claim a complimentary OC readiness assessment and receive a FREE tutoring session (valued at $60)
And video recordings of each class
Classes weekly + 24/7 web tutor support
Free OC Readiness Report
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Study at Our Centre or Take Virtual Classes
Whichever Suits Your Child?

At Pre uni College Digital, we offer two courses for students to prepare for the OC test.
These are illustrated below:

Course 1
The Learn and Test Combo

This is a comprehensive program covering
all parts of the test—English, Math, and General
Ability. It is the best way to prepare your child
for the OC test.

How your child can benefit?

  • Choose from the flexibility to study online or
    at a centre
  • Learn the concepts
  • Get tested

This program helps students grasp a strong hold
of the concepts and get tested to see where they
stand, and if they are test-ready.

Course 2
Test for Success

This program is designed for the purpose of
testing the students and teaching them the best
techniques on how to complete the OC test in a
timely manner and without any stress or panicking.

How your child can benefit?

In this program, your child will:

  • Get multiple opportunities to test their skills
  • Learn the art of time management
  • Get an accurate representation of the
    placement test
  • Develop confidence to appear for and
    complete the OC test on the new format
    with ease, no stress and on time.

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(Valued at $60).

Get Your Child Assessed to see where they stand now and how they can improve
and Do Amazing in the new format OC test.

At Pre Uni College Digital, we place a high value on exceptional results and
strive to make learning fun and enjoyable.

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This Report will give you Assess to:
  • Expert tips and techniques to prepare your child at home
  • Offer quality guidance on how to get top marks in the new OC test format
  • Do’s and don’ts of preparing for the OC test and more!

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